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Our paper “Media Coverage and Immigration Worries: Econometric Evidence” (with Simon Loretz, David Stadelmann and Tobias Thomas) has been accepted by the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.


Our paper “Transparency in Parliamentary Voting” (with Monika Bütler and Katharina E. Hofer) has been published by the Journal of Public Economics. Paper available online.


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(2019). Media Coverage and Immigration Worries: Econometric Evidence. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, forthcoming.

(2018). Transparency in Parliamentary Voting. Journal of Public Economics 163, p. 60-76.

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(2012). An Empirical Analysis of the Gender Gap in News Consumption. Journal of Media Economics 25(3), p. 147-163.

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(2019). Christine Benesch recommends “Mostly Harmless Econometrics: An Empiricist's Companion” by Joshua D. Angrist and Jörn-Steffen Pischke. In: Frey, Bruno S. and Christoph Schaltegger (Eds.): 21st Century Economiocs: Economic Ideas You Should Read and Remember. Springer, Heidelberg, forthcoming.

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(2018). A Political Economic Analysis of Transparency in a Digital World. In: Thouvenin, Florent, Peter Hettich, Herbert Burkert and Urs Gasser (Eds.): Remembering and Forgetting in the Digital Age. An Interdisciplinary Approach to a Complex Phenomenon. Springer, Heidelberg, forthcoming.

(2017). More Choice Is Always Better. In: Frey, Bruno S. and David Iselin (Eds.): Economic Ideas You Should Forget. Springer, Heidelberg, p. 11-12.

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Media Coverage and Immigration Worries: Econometric Evidence


Online Information and Voting


I am currently teaching the following courses at the University of St. Gallen:

  • Macroeconomics I (Assessment, with Monika Bütler)
  • Media between Economics and Culture (MA, with Vincent Kaufmann)

And at HWZ:

  • Behavioral Economics (EMBA)